( 30 mins @ 350.00) *Activates lymphatic system  *Adds pressure which promotes the breakdown of fat and cellulite  *Eliminates toxins  *Tones and tightens skin  *Loosens restricted muscles  
*Vacuum Therapy  *Non invasive butt lift used to restore and increase volume using your own fat. *Increase 1-3 inches after 30min sessions 
(30 mins @ 350.00) *Destroys fat cells  *Targets specific problems areas
*Give your outfit a stunning appearance with this underwear/shape wear.
Enhance *Do not apply waist trainer directly to skin if you have sensitive skin
*Our board is fundamental in reducing the chances of loose or sagging skin and cutting down on swelling and bruising.
$140.00 $180.00
A unique and comfortable under clothing. Gives a hour glass physique. Maintenance for body shaping and post surgery care. Modern way of corset.