I started wearing waist trainers in 2012 when my good friend Tanneka Taylor introduced me it ,back then it wasn't so popular as now.

My outfits when partying gave me a flawless physique, thanks to my waist trainer. Coupled with the various obstacles associated with being a single mom of three, I still managed to oversee the establishment of Nakkicurves which offers great quality products which I use daily. 

I had my last child in 2014 and thanks to the waist trainer, proper eating and minimal time in the gym, I was able to snatch back my pre-maternal physique in just 6 weeks!

The best thing about Nakkicurves trainers is that they can be used pre op to maintain that lovely physique.

My journey to launch Nakkicurves has been extremely challenging. in 2018 I experienced a very hard breakup and shortly after I developed an unrelated illness with left me incapacitated for a while. 

I am back on track now and I'm more than excited to be providing services to everyone.

Get your waist snatched with the most amazing waist snatchers. Your waists will never regret it!